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March 28, 2012


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UPDATE! Remember that may 2th is the deadline for the contest, however let me know if you are still preparing something for the constest maybe we can extend the deadline for a couple of days, but hurry up and let me know

UPDATED!  The deadline for the contest is may 2th so you can send your entries until may 1st

Well I see that some of you want to participate and I choose the theme for the contest named as the title says "Forced crossdressing" so what is it about, you need to make a drawing, story, photo that shows us the result of a male or female character forced to crossdress, the purpose of forcing him/her and the back story is up to you, and you only need to depict the character that is forced to crossdress, but if you want you can add  to the mix the people that is forcing him/her to crossdress, in the story category you need to add as many characters as you consider necesary,  read bellow for info about prizes, categories, etc

And of course to help promote our group I'll invite people from around DA to participate without being members of the group, and of course I encourage you to invite as many people as you like, friends, group members, other groups, etc


- The drawing/photo/story must be new and intended to participate in this contest
- For drawing/photos or stories you will use this logo -> SIS Institute contest logo by sandybelldf…
- We will accept mature content entries, only be sure to avoid breaking the DA rules, meaning that you can't use characters that are underage or are originaly depicted as underage characters, you can't show penetrating objects into the genitalia, or erect penis, please don't use guro, pedo or zoo themes, nudity, sugerent content,  is allowed and bondage too
-We accept furry, robot, anime characters, cartoon characters, self portraits
-You must add a reference and link to the contest in your entry so people will know about our group and the contest
-You can participate in all the categories of the contest with as many entries as you like but you can't win in two categories, so if you win two of they you graciously give your prize to the nearest winer (I prefer to not say 2nd place)
- There will be a winer for each category if that category has only few works but if we see that a category has lot of entries we consider to give a 2nd place prize


We need at least three prizes, one  for each category  so if you want to be a giver, please tell us and we add you in the list, and of course if we get more prizes we wil offer maybe a 2nd place prize (depending on the number of prizes) so this is the list, until now:

a free request made by :iconsandybelldf: , full color, one character, full body
a free request made by :iconlexyverse: (details pending)
500 points

So we have three prizes now I'll think wich prize goes to each category


Please let us know in wich category do you want to participate to know if said category will exist or not

Drawing category: We don't accept modified art from around, meanin that you can't use other people's art such as lineart or pre existing art that you manipulate (i.e. changing colors or adding artifacts)

Participants (until now): :iconnekokitten101: :icontgpl: :iconbetternotlookme:

Photo category: the photo must be of yourself or of some friend that agrees to participate in the contest, we don't accept photos from other people or from around the web

Participants (until now): :iconmzdish: :iconlittlesissy: :iconlittlemissaries:

Story category: the story must be yours, meaning that you created it, we don't accept stoled stories
Participants (until now): :iconhahaprincess: :iconffecchifan: :iconterrazero20: :iconlz0291:


:iconbngjessie: :iconsandybelldf: :iconemeraldcage: maybe we need a third judge so volunteer if you want to ^_ ^

The deadline for the contest is may 2th so you can send your entries until may 1st

*Don't forget to send us a link to your entry to add it to the list*

Drawing category:

:iconnekokitten101: -> Strawberry hangover by nekokitten101

:iconmiss-deirdre: -> Triptych by miss-deirdre

:icontgpl: -> Ichigo - contest picture by TGPL

:iconjosiehart: -> Amy's Story- Part 1 by JosieHart Amy's Story- Part 2 by JosieHart Amy's Story- Part 3 by JosieHart Amy's Story- Part 4 by JosieHart Amy's Story- Part 5 by JosieHart

:icontgcannon:   ->  twin help by TGcannon

:iconbetternotlookme:  -> Forced crossdressing contest by sandybelldf by betternotlookme

Photo category:

:iconmzdish: -> SIS two by Mzdish  SIS one by Mzdish

:iconlittlemissaries: -> :thumb294525994:

:iconkaidevik: -> SIS Contest Submission: Butch to Bitch by kaidevik

:iconlittlesissy: -> Birthday Surprise by littlesissy

Story category:

:iconlz0291: -> Contest: Zidane is Trapped
"Welcome to my humble abode." Kuja smirked as Zidane arrived.
"Just cut to the chase and tell me what the hell you want." The blond snapped.
"My, we are upset. But bear in mind that I hold your friends lives in my hands, so I think it's easier for you to remember that the more angry you are the more fun I have. So, do be calm. You see Zidane, I need you to fetch something for me. I'll let you take three of your friends with you... but the rest remain here with me, to ensure you co-operate. Does this sound agreeable?"
Zidane glared at him before delivering the reply.
"Not like I can disagree. What do you want and where is it?"
"It's an artefact known as the Gulug Stone. It should have been in a place called Oeilvert, on the Forgotton Continent. Alas, it is not there any more. But the good news is, it is in a place far more accessible... to you. I doubt I am a popular person in Alexandria...."
"All right, so it's in Alexandria. It shouldn't be that hard. You need this thing, you'v
:iconffecchifan: -> (FF VII) Forced feminization of Cloud
Cloud returned to his senses. He knew it wasn't good idea to infiltrate Don Corneo's mansion in the female clothes. It was Aeris who made him wear them. They almost managed to reach their goal, but when they break into Don's room, that fat ugly mobster used some kind of gas to get them.
He found himself still in this same, blue dress. He was sitting on the armchair, with his hands and legs strapped to the arms and legs of the chair with leather cuffs. There was strange machine in front of him. It had many wires attached and waving in the air. There was a screen as well. Cloud noticed his own pictures there.
Machine started to buzz. Cloud was doing his best to free himself from that devilish thing, but he couldn't break the leather cuffs, no matter how hard he tried.
"Begin scanning", machine voice said, "Penis detected… Owner must be dickgirl…"
"What the hell? I'm a guy!!!", he cried, being angry that something is calling him dickgirl.
"Penis attached…girly voice recorde

:icondzrkarts: -> :thumb297286572:
:iconterrazero20: -> The English Tea House.
It had been a long night, but finally Ryan's shift was over and he was happy to simply slump down and sleep, even though he still had another shift at work. Being a table waiter at one of the most fanciest restaurants in the transgender part of London was tough, but if it paid then he was willing to work through it and get the money every month. At twenty-three years, he was barely out of University but it didn't matter though. The green eyed boy had brown hair that reached down to his shoulders, and a fairly slim build with a bit of flab centred around his stomach that he was working on shifting.
With a small sigh; Ryan moved through his apartment building on the top floor at Canary Wharf, and he removed his work shirt and trousers before changing into a pair of black jogging bottoms. It was gone midnight, and he had a twelve hour shift later that day of ten in the morning until ten in the evening. The shift didn't worry the waiter though, the worse part was that they were getting a n

If you have any question let us know please ^_^
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betternotlookme Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
one more usbmission ^^


great fun i wish^^

greetings, bnlm
sandybelldf Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
thanks ^_^ it's added now ^_^
TGcannon Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ok heres my submission [link]
sandybelldf Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
excellent I'll add it assap ^_^
JosieHart Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Could I enter the drawing contest? After years of lurking on DA, I think I've finally decided to contribute something to the community, and this contest is the perfect motivator for me. c:

Also, is it okay if a submission for the drawing contest is in multiple parts? I'm afraid the picture will be too big if I try to make it all in one. ^^;
sandybelldf Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
I suggest you to do your submission as soon as you can, because the deadline is may 2th

And of course you are allowed to upload it as you want ^_^ if multiple parts work for you then do it ^_^

In any case let me know what you think ^_^
JosieHart Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! I'll link to the Deviations here as soon as I have them up. ^^
sandybelldf Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
^_^ ok thanks I'll be waiting for them, by the way do you think you have enough time?
JosieHart Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mhm! :nod: The whole thing is about 90% done. I found out about the contest last week, so I've been working on it since then. I just wanted to make sure I could finish it on time before asking if I could join in. ^^
sandybelldf Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
great, then go for it ^_^ I'll be glad to add it to the constest as soon as you have it ready ^_^
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